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Window Regulator Information Page
Window regulators and motors help raise and lower windows of the vehicle. Since we use our windows frequently, window regulators and window motors are some of the most used parts in any vehicle. For this reason, window regulators and window motors are subject to failure.
Some of the common reasons for window regulator and window motor failure include excessive strain caused by forcing the window, old or worn pulley and cable lines, and general wear. Monster Auto Parts carries some of the most reliable and dependable long-lasting replacement window regulators and window motors available. They are NEW window regulator assemblies, not re-built. All window regulators and window motors are pre-assembled direct replacements for quick and easy installation. All window regulators and motors at Monster Auto Parts come with a one year warranty.

Tips on how to replace a window regulator.
Visit your local dealer for a copy of the dealer service manual procedure.
Many dealer customer service or parts counters will let you copy this information if you ask. Some may charge for it, but either way, having the correct procedure and diagram will be a great help.

*Test your window to be sure it is aligned properly so it goes up and down without obstruction.

Do many slow tests up and down to look for issues when you have installed the regulator BEFORE you have put the entire door back together.

Monster Auto Parts offer All NEW window regulators, not re-built
*Completely assembled for easy installation
*Direct bolt on and plug in
*One Full year warranty
As you would be sitting in your vehicle;
*Left hand drivers side,
*Right hand passengers side
Front window regulators are not interchangeable with the rear.
The left hand side is not interchangeable with the right hand side.
There is a difference between the two door model window regulator and the four door.
Shop for your new replacement Window Regulator / Window Motor at Monster Auto Parts


At September 25, 2007 8:02 AM , Blogger Bub said...

I need to replace the window regulator with the window motor on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Do you have step by step instructions for this?

At October 1, 2007 6:21 PM , Blogger Monster Auto Parts Team said...

We would love to include instructions for the installation of all of the parts offered on our website. All installations are different. Window regulators and window motors are similar in installation, but the installation of the Grand Cherokee will be different than the Chevy Silverado Truck. Your best bet would be to aquire a copy of the repair manual of the make and model, Jeep Grand Cherokee, that you will be working on, the small expense will be well worth it. However, I will be glad to share the information I have for the Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulator installation.

At October 1, 2007 6:44 PM , Blogger Monster Auto Parts Team said...

1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulator - removal and installation.
Remove the door trim panel;
*Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
*Remove the door trim panel retaining screws and the door pull/arm rest assembly. Note;on 2002 and later models the handle cover stays with the door panel.
*On manual window models, remove the window crank.
*Insert a special door panel clip removal tool (Available ar auto parts stores) or a putty knife between the trim panel and the door and disengage the retaining clips. Work around the outer edge until the panel is free.
*Once all of the clpis are disengaged, detach the trim panel, disconnect any wire harness connectors and lift/remove the trim panel from the vehicle. Note; on some models, disconnect the latch rod from the inner door handle.
*For access to the inner door, carefully peel back the plastic watershield.
*Prior to installation of the door panel, be sure to reinstall any clips inthe panel which may have come out during the removal procedure and remain in the door itself.
*Remove the door window glass
*Loser the glass
*Pry the weatherstripping and moldings (Inside and outside at the beltline window opening) out of the door glass opening. On most models, there is a screw retaining the outer beltline molding to the rear edge of the door, and a screw in the lacth-end of the door retaining the rear edge of the glass run channel.
*On rear windows, remove the screws, tilt the stationary glass forward and lift it out of the door.
*Remove the two nuts or two clips retaining the glass to the window track and slide the glass until the studs line up with the holes in the track, then detach the glass.
*Lift the glass up and out of the door through the glass opening.
*Loosen or remove the window regulator to door and channel attaching screws
*Remove the regulator from the door

At September 8, 2009 11:26 PM , Anonymous kevin W said...

thanks was looking for instrction on something like this for my JGC


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