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Radiator Cooling Fan / Condenser Cooling Fan

Why do they fail and what happens when they do?
The most common mode of failure is electric motor burnout. When a Cooling Fan motor fails, you will experience an overheating condition, which if not repaired immediately, can result in other engine damage, including leaking head gaskets as well as warped or cracked heads and blocks. The replacement of an electric fan motor only is a difficult, time consuming, expensive, and potentially damaging to the remaining plastic components. Most plastic shrouds and fan blades are not available as separate units from either the OE dealers or the aftermarket.

Always compare the replacement unit to the original before
installation, especially the fan blade.
• Always disconnect the battery prior to fan assembly replacement.
Fans may start without any warning!
• Clunking sounds or a wobbling fan indicate problems with the motor
shaft bushing. Replace as a whole assembly to save time and
• All Cooling Fan Assemblies are guaranteed to fit and function on the
application it is listed for.
• Refer to the vehicle’s shop manual for specific installation
• After installation, be sure to run engine until the cooling fan(s) cycle
on and off. If fans do not operate properly, refer to shop manual for
more diagnostics.

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Before aftermarket Radiator Fan Assemblies, what options did you have when the electric fan motor failed?
1. Purchase a Radiator Cooling Fan / Condenser Cooling Fan Assembly from the OE dealer.
2. Purchase a Radiator Cooling Fan / Condenser Cooling Fan Assembly from a salvage yard.
3. Rebuild the old unit with an aftermarket replacement fan motor, where available.
The problem with rebuilding the old unit is that sometimes the assemblies are equipped with 2 separate motors. Replacing only the failed motor sets up the installer for a comeback in the near future if the second motor fails. Many OE motors are permanently attached to the shroud, causing the installer to waste valuable labor time, (up to 11/2 hours), trying to grind the steel retaining pins that attach the motor to the plastic shroud. The fan motors are recessed in the plastic shroud making damage likely. If the shroud or fan blade is damaged during the rebuild, often times the only option is replacement of the entire assembly.
4. Cost. The cost of new motors and the labor to replace them can sometimes be higher than a complete assembly.

Why should you replace the entire Fan Assembly instead of continuing to replace just the Motor?
Save Valuable Labor Time
A complete assembly allows you to save time.
Avoid the risk of damaging the plastic components.
In some cases, replacement of both fan motors plus labor can be as expensive as a complete fan assembly with shroud, fan and harness.
Replacing only one motor, on a two motor assembly, sets you up for a comeback when the second motor fails down the road.
Some OE assemblies have motors that are riveted to the plastic shroud making them difficult to replace. Other assemblies have shrouds or fan blades that frequently crack when the motor fails or when trying to replace the motor.

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At May 19, 2009 11:29 AM , Blogger Thomas said...

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At August 27, 2009 2:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the PT Cruiser engine cooling fans (PT Cruiser without turbo) are getting hard to find, but I see Monster Auto Parts has them.

At September 28, 2009 6:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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