Friday, September 14, 2007


Fan Blade Operation:
In an engine cooling-system, the fan blades pull the air through the radiator core and over the engine to remove heat. A fan belt or an electric motor usually drives the fan. Conventional belt driven fans can rotate continuously (sometimes called Flex Fan) while others are controlled by thermostatic/centrifugal clutch. Some electric fans are pull fans and some (which mount on the front of the radiator) are push fans.
Fan blades can not be serviced individually, to replace fan blades you must replace the entire fan assembly.
Refer to your vehicle's service manual for fan replacement procedures. Below are general replacement instructions.
To replace a fan blade:
· Disconnect the negative battery cable.
· On cars with power steering, remove the drive belt.
· On engines with a Thermactor, remove the belt.
· Loosen and remove the accessory drive belts.
· On cars equipped with a fan shroud, remove the retaining screws and position the shroud rearward.
· Remove the fan from the engine.
· Reverse the procedures to complete the installation
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