Monday, September 17, 2007


*Always compare the replacement unit to the original before installation
*Always start with a cold engine. Removing exhaust bolts from a hot engine may damage the cylinder head threads.
*Clean mounting surfaces are required for all exhaust manifolds.
See the shop manual for any warnings or special instructions for the vehicle application.
*Use caution when replacing exhaust manifolds on aluminum head.
*Never reuse the exhaust manifold gaskets.
*Torque all bolts to manufacturer's specification. See the shop manual for torque specifications and sequences.
*If the original exhaust manifold is cracked and/or has a blue color, check for a rich running engine or an ignition system failure. If this condition is not corrected, repeat failure will occur.
*For ease of installation, replace the catalytic converter and manifold as an assembly on the 1996-98 Honda Civic, especially with high miles.
*Be sure to reuse all brackets and braces. Failure to do so will result in premature failure.
*Prior to installing the Oxygen sensor into the replacement manifold, inspect the Oxygen sensor threads for damage. Failure to do so will result in damaged threads on the replacement unit.

Be sure to use anti-seize on the oxygen sensor threads to prevent galling of the threads.

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Information provided is designed and intended for professional installers. If you are unsure about terminology, procedures or other instructional references, please consult a professional installation repair facility.


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