Friday, March 6, 2009

Fuel Filler Neck / Pipe

Fuel filler neck assemblies are becoming a popular replacement truck part.
The fuel filler neck assembly is comprised of metal and rubber and is used to transfer gas from the fill area (holds the gas cap) to the gas tank.
The filler neck assembly is prone to rust causing fuel or vapors to escape.
The rubber hose is also prone to rotting or tearing, again causing fuel and emissions leaks that can cause a check engine light or failed inspection.
The most popular fuel filler neck assemblies at Monster Auto Parts;
Ford Ranger, Ford F150 Truck and Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks.

1994-2002 Dodge Pickup Truck Gas Filler Neck / Pipe

1990-2000 Ford Ranger Fuel Filler Neck

1997-1998 Ford Pickup Truck Fuel Filler Neck

1994-1997 Mazda Pickup Gas Filler Neck

1990-1995 Toyota 4Runner Fuel Filler Neck

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